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Strategic Risk Management

Discover a new, refreshing approach to reducing your organization’s risk.

Does this sound familiar? Your insurance broker spends little, if any time getting to know your organization, and then sells you a portfolio of generic insurance products to protect your organization in the event of a loss.

Your organization may be protected against fire, theft, natural disasters, lawsuits, and other generic claims, but what about the other types of exposures unique to your organization? These are the types of risk that can potentially threaten the future success of your organization. Until you have a full understanding of all the risks your organization is exposed to, and strategic methods to reduce or eliminate them, your organization remains exposed to potential risk.

At Burkart-Heisdorf, we are not in business to sell insurance. We are a service organization dedicated to acting as an outsourced risk manager for proactive companies. Before we ever forge a partnership, we invest a tremendous amount of time into getting to know every aspect of your organization and uncovering unique areas of risk and exposure. We then provide you with an extensive, complete risk management strategy. The solutions we present range from, but are not limited to: traditional insurance products, HR services, as well as recommendations and strategies for process improvements. Then, once we have completed the process and implemented our proposed strategies, we’ll monitor the results and start the process all over again.

We are results-driven. Our goal is to help your organization drive down risk, drive down costs, and ultimately drive up your competitive advantage.

Learn more about our unique and systematic process.