I hope this will give you a few ideas about what to look for and how not to confuse bed bugs with other insects or bugs such as dust mites, termites or cockroaches.

One of the most common questions on our site is: Can you see bed bugs?

or How large are bed bugs? Can you see bed bugs during the day? You may wonder why you normally don’t see any bed bugs. But you have to know where to look, and when.

Bed bugs are certainly visible with the naked eye and should not to be confused other nasty insects. You can see most adult bed bugs in your home without a magnifying glass, however, newly hatched or day old bugs may be hidden from the naked eye when viewing.If you want to see bed bugs in their natural

habitat, arm yourself with a flashlight and wait in the bedroom for them to start moving around in the dark.

Bed bugs adult are usually 3 / 16 inches long and you can see without a problem. Bed bugs are brown to reddish brown color. An adult bed bug is flat and oval. If the adult bed bug has just had a meal, then the body form is more round and elongated. Bed bugs can also change colors when they are feeding on human blood.

Bed bugs will appear to look flattened when viewed from the side, oval when viewed from the top, and can be anywhere from a couple of millimeters long (nymphs-babies size) to 6-8mm long ( full adults). The bed bugs color varies depending upon their life stage and whether or not they have recently consumed a human blood snack. Typically they are translucent yellow as young nymphs and a darker red-brown as adults.

Where can you see bed bugs? Bed bugs are found in all cracks, minute holes, and wooden wall columns in any part of the the whole house. However, as the name suggest, they like the bedrooms. Other places you need to inspect your mattress, bed, night stands, buffets, the base, storage boxes, furniture and bedding. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, but generally try to hide camps near the host.Most bedbugs will sense carbon dioxide from your breath and this is what brings them to you while sleeping, as most prefer darkness.

Adult bed bugs can get to be 6-8mm long (about the size of an apple seed). Bed bugs have five juvenile stages called nymphal instars (each progressively larger than the next). The first nymphal instar is about the size of a pinhead. The fifth nymphal instar is approximately 4.5mm long. Picture a small brown bedbug as a brown spec on a grain of white rice.

Many people have asked : “Can you see bed bug eggs?” A female bed bug can lay one to five eggs per day. They can lay between 200-500 in there lifetime. But the question is can you see bed bug eggs? And the answer is “yes”. A bed bug egg is 1/32 (1mm) long and white in color.

Can you see bed bugs during the day time? Most likely you will not see bed bugs during the day light hours because all there work is done at night. Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices during the day and come out and feed on a host, which is usually a human, at night. If you want to locate a bed bug during the day, look in the cracks, mattresses, bed frames, or even behind picture frames.A simple procedure is to turn over any corners of rugs and usually they will be sleeping on the underside and look as if they have been flattened out into the rug corners or seams, also along the rounded seams of mattresses and pillows. In cases where bed bug infestation is severe, you will see dormant bugs and spots on floors, walls, paint, wallpaper and anywhere the bugs have used as a traffic point to travel.

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