If you think you are being invaded by those tiny yet nasty bed bugs inside your home, you would be glad to know of three effective bed bug treatments (heat, cold, steam) that will do the trick of eliminating those buggers for good. So, how do you get rid of bed bugs?

Heat treatment makes the bugs pop up like popcorn. If want something effective and green at the same time, this is your choice. You should know that bed bugs have already developed certain resistance to pesticides such as DDT. Using heat to kill these buggers is expensive, but they get the job done.You should also know that heat is among the factors that make the bugs active, but anything taken in excess is fatal enough to any living creature all over the planet. Bed bugs are no exception. Anything above 113 degrees F is bad news for bugs.

Temperature and time plays a key role here, since there are various time requirements when eliminating bugs at different stages. Adult bugs and nymphs can only last 15 minutes long at more than 113 degrees F. The eggs on the other hand will take up to an hour before they are killed at the same temperature. What you can do best here is to use steam iron on your bed sheets and mattresses. Monitor the temperature using a thermometer. For a complete eradication of the bug infestation, you can raise room temperatures above normal and keep it for several hours.

Cold treatment is another smart idea in this case. Bedbugs usually winterize during the cold seasons. Though cold temperatures do not necessarily kill the bugs, through its effects you can use different feasible approaches, like insect growth regulators via pest control companies.

Bugs are naturally resilient with cold temperatures. They retreat to their winter quarters during the cold seasons and conduct their raids during the summer seasons so to speak. Now that you are already aware that they are pinned down during the cold, you can now do your thing and apply all the alternatives at your disposal, be it heat treatments, chemical treatments, or with insect growth regulators. Chemical treatments are cost-effective in this case. It may be your best alternative here.Another great idea would be to neutralize bedbugs with the idea that they simply cannot hold up on extreme temperatures; such exposure is what kills them quick. This is where the steam treatment idea comes in handy.

It would be a mistake if you plan on a gradual increase of temperature on your bed bug treatments. This will only make the bugs scatter away just to escape the heat, and they probably would only spread to other areas in the house. If you want something quick and efficient, something that would catch these buggers off guard and prevent them getting a chance to escape, then try steam treatment. This is very effective because it can kill bed bugs at all stages, especially the eggs that usually takes a lot more time to kill. Steam is also capable of cutting off their escape routes, which makes it an ideal long-term solution.

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