New Non-Toxic Green Bed Bug Killer On The Market

After the rise of bed bugs in hotels; damages from lack of hotel guests and pest control pesticides closing rooms; bed bugs have been tormenting hotels and the travel industry. Although, now hotels are moving toward greener solutions. One non toxic solution Bed Bug Bully will save the hotel industry millions in removing and preventing future bed bug out breaks.

Hotel chains have been seeing huge losses from bed bugs infestations. The problem occurs from not being able to kill bed bugs entirely, then also having to evacuate guests from their rooms to use “old-fashion harmful pesticides”. Now a new product called Bed Bug Bully claims to change this and help hotel chains get back into catering guests, instead of bed bugs.

The green cleaning products manufacturer has released a new bed bug spray to kill bed bugs, without using harmful pesticides.

The creator, Markus Skupeika, has explained the results hotel management is seeing in profits back in their pockets, is tremendous. He explains: “Hotel chains are losing customers and repeat customers. Not only that, most hotels need to close rooms for weeks because of the harsh fumes and pesticides from bed bug products. Bed Bug Bully is a natural formula to kill bed bugs and larvae. It has shown to work in roughly 34 seconds or less when applied. Not only will this new bed bug spray kill bed bugs, but the product also prevents bed bugs from coming back.”

Skupeika also added: “Hotels are not having to shut down rooms, explain funky pesticide smells in guest rooms, and other problems that come along with most bed bug products. The product has a unique relaxing fragrance and is natural. So hotel guests will simply be more relaxed and hotel owners will be more confident in their customer satisfactory rate. Within a few hours a room can be cleared and back in service.”

The company has been the creator of many green cleaning products, adding to its unique brands of green products. To find more information on this innovative green company and these bed bug products, see below.

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